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5 year Anniversary

Daniel and Friends Fund reached the 5 years milestone this year. Reflecting back on the past 5 years, we can only be thankful for all the blessings and good fortune that came across our path.

As is tradition, a special night out for our Daniel and Friends Fund mothers were planned. The theme of the evening was: AFRICAN GATSBY. Merlize du Toit gave the ladies a tribal flair with her suburb make-up techniques.  

Together with our great Operational Support Team (Janet Strumpher and Heidi Kidson), it was an evening full of fun, games, laughter and always a tear or two. Thank you for our Ambassadors that attended: Minki Burger, Merlize du Toit and Micia Smit as well as our Honorary member, Michelle Adams and Projek Bietjie Liefde Director Patricia Smit.

The Moms were spoiled with a huge amount of lucky draws and game prizes. The highlight of the evening was the three lucky draw Family Photo shoots sponsored by Candice Rodrigues Photography with hair and make-up by Professional Make-up and Hairstylist, Merlize du Toit. A huge thank you to them for sponsoring these great prizes. Thank you also to Minki Burger for sponsoring Lollos gifts, Micia Smit for the lovely arm bracelets, Lizel Smit for Sorbet products and Janet Strumpher for Avon products.

Sibling Day Jump for Joy

On Sunday 2 June Daniel and Friends Fund invited our siblings of the special needs children to a morning out with their parents.

The aim of the morning was to let the siblings spend some quality time with one or both of their parents, as life can unfortunately get very hectic with a special needs brother or sister.  

Our theme for the morning was: To be a Rainbow in someone else's cloud.

Our siblings are wonderful young people, with compassion, love, patience and so much more. They are always supportive of their moms, dads and their special needs brother/sister and they are an inspiration to us all. We wanted them to know that we see them...and that we appreciate everything they do, even if it is sometimes sacrificing something of themselves, or time with their parents.

Maya Angelo's quote says: " Try to be a Rainbow in Someone's cloud "

It takes so little to brighten someone else's day. Yet it can leave them feeling happy, give them sweet memories and bring a smile to their face when they are going through a rough patch.

Thank you so much Jump for Joy Brackenfell for bringing so much joy and smiles to our siblings faces, and for sponsoring Daniel and Friends Fund for such a exceptional morning. We had so much fun doing different jumps and challenging each other on the trampolines.

Thank you to Annelize Blom from Annelize Photography & Design for the amazing images you took that we get to look back on and enjoy. Especially all our serious jumping faces! We appreciate you.

It is a pleasure to be affiliated with Annelize Photography & Design and Jump for Joy Brackenfell.

Mad Hatters Mom's Morning

On Sunday morning, 9 June, our Daniel and Friends Fund ladies were treated by Feathers Lodge Boutique Hotel in Rosendal, Cape Town to a much needed morning of relaxation, laughter, inspiration and recharging time. 

The theme for the morning was Mad Hatters, with each lady having to design their own creative hat. The ladies was given the chance to show of their creative and imaginary skills. The hats were amazing, each with their own unique theme, and let to a lot of conversations and laughter. 

 A famous Mad Hatter quote says the following:

" Alice: This is impossible " " The Mad Hatter: Only if you believe it is "

Our moms has to face impossible challenges every day, but they never give up. They always believe in their children, fight for them and are the best possible mothers to them. #mothersramazing

Feathers lodge ( ) outdone themselves with delicious treats and drinks, making the morning even more special. Thank you Feathers for making us feel so welcomed and loved and for your generosity and passion to make a difference in our lives. You have an amazing team.

Helen-Anne Roux Image consultant proceeded to teach our moms some make up and styling tips. Helen-Anne you made a big impact on all of us. Each one of us left in high spirits, ready to take on anything feeling confident and beautiful. Thank you for your time, and always supporting Daniel and Friends Fund.

Thank you to all the sponsors that gave towards the hat prizes. Helen-Anne, Mommy Wellness, Zerette and Juffrou Clothing. We appreciate it more than words can say. Thank you to Stephan du Toit photography for the amazing images that we get to keep and look back on this amazing day. #danielandfriendsfund

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The public can offer support by pledging time and expertise through voluntary services (e.g. therapists, etc.) or through financial contributions, be it through monetary donations, providing daily essentials (nappies, formula, etc.) or sponsoring equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, etc).


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