Different is CoolWe would like to take this opportunity to share with you the details of our Different Is Cool Awareness Campaign.  It is a program we, the Daniel and Friends Fund, launched at the beginning of 2016 and is ideally presented at primary school level to create an understanding and thus, hopefully, an awareness and empathy for those living with a disability. We can also adapt the program for high school learners should it be needed.

Being mothers of special needs children ourselves, we have personal experience with the consequences of a society which is not adequately equipped with the knowledge required to truly appreciate and respect the challenges differently-abled people face. We have found that often ignorance and/or, at times, even contempt is born simply from a fear of not knowing enough about the situation, what to expect and how to behave.

With empathy and compassion being emotions best instilled at a young age, we created a campaign which could be shared with children of school going age in a fun, but informative way. Minki Burger, well known for Lollos and Lettie and also a Daniel and Friends Fund ambassador, is closely involved with the Different is Cool campaign.

The 15-30 minute program (depending on how much time is available to us) carries a profound message and consists of:

  • The 15 minute presentation starts off with a short dance –” Lettie se lyfie “, a quick introduction and then we teach the children some basic sign language. After that we engage the children with a short talk on how it is important to treat everyone with respect and love, even though we may appear a little different on the outside, as well as some basic information on what it means to have “special needs “. We do a challenge with the children and then a small game which emphasizes that same sentiment – that we are all cool, no matter how different. We end off with the sign language again, and give them an opportunity to repeat it back to us. We then get the children to join in and dance ” Lettie se Lyfie ” with us.” Lettie se Lyfie ” fits in perfectly with our Different is Cool theme, as the song is about how no one is exactly alike, but perfect and unique in their own way. We are very proud to have Lettie on board as our Different is Cool ambassador.
  • a Q & A session based on the presentation for which the pupils can win prizes for correct answers

While the program highlights a very serious topic, the fun and interactive way in which it is presented ensures that the children stay engaged.

We have, to date, had the opportunity to share our campaign with a few schools, and look forward to expanding our outreach to as many schools/youth groups/children’s facilities within the Western Cape as we can.

We look forward to hearing from you should you wish to secure a date with us to present the campaign or to make further enquiries about the program.

Do You have Question? 
+27 76 331 8474

P.O.Box 4725, Tygervalley, 7536

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