It was a wet and cold nappy walk this year. 

We would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts 

Thank you for being such sports on this day. We so appreciated the support and good spirits.  

“After rain there is always a promise of sun, in weather and in life. Rain reminds us that we cannot stop what can't be stopped. The world will turn, the seasons change, the rain falls, and life goes on. Rain promotes growth. Flowers grow from it, as does your soul. " 

We believe this rain, and this morning was a blessing, and we will only grow stronger trom here. 

Our theme for the morning was liquorice Allsorts. 

You're probably asking yourself, how is life like a liquorice allsorts? Well, there is no wrong answer! 

To some it may mean something as simple as life is colourful and full of different tastes, to others it may be more meaningful. A liquorice allsort is made up of different layers, some which taste better than others, and each layer represents a period of your life. As you pass through the journey of life, you pass from one layer to the next, passing from good to bad flavours, then back to good again.

Sometimes you find a new flavour, a new layer. This represents a new adventure or period in your life, a new experience. At the first taste you are unsure of what to think or where this will lead you (back for another one maybe), then at the second bite of this new layer, you determine your feelings about this new flavour. Sometimes the layers represent the happier and sadder times in your life; the brighter colours representing the best times you've had, while the black of the liquorice stands for darker memories. 

But one thing to take away from this, is that the bright always outnumbers the dark. We had all sorts of fun on the morning, and we believe they our kiddos is allsorts of awesome. Every day they fight battles we don't know about, but are always smiling brightly, always making the best of each situation and inspiring us each day to be better.

A morning like this will not be possible without our very generous sponsors: 

  • D'Aria wine farm 
  • Aucamp & Wilsdorf Physiotherapists 
  • Mediclinic Durbanville 
  • Anna de Bruyn ( medic) 
  • Kelly Smit Photo and Video 
  • Mugg and Bean 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and making the day extra special!


Do You have Question? 
+27 76 331 8474

P.O.Box 4725, Tygervalley, 7536
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