Over the last few years both I Am Special Ministries (an NPO dedicated to equipping children in predominantly underprivileged communities with foundation skills in self-confidence and empowerment) and the Daniel and Friends Fund (an NPO which provides a wide spectrum of support to families who have children with Special Needs) have been intimately (and often, personally) involved with children battling chronic illness and/or disease, be it infectious diseases (such as Tuberculosis and AIDS) or conditions such as cancer, or brain damage and/or physical traumas associated with accidents.

For many, the unwavering dedication and immense support offered by doctors and nurses alike to both the patients and their families, together with expert medical intervention, carried these children and their parents through the critical phases of their relevant illnesses and on to much-needed recovery and healing.

This is unfortunately not always the case and too often many experience suffering and trauma so severe that it leaves behind physical, psychological and emotional burdens so profound that simply finding words to do the sentiment justice seems impossible.

Our Vision is to attempt to capture some of these experiences so effectively through the lens of a camera and then exhibit them in the form of a ‘coffee table’ book so proficiently that it is able to provide to the reader a mere fragment of insight into what these children endure during their treatment, as well as the extensive demands on those responsible for their care.

Our Mission is to be able to donate the proceeds of the completed book to organisations such as the Tygerberg Children’s Hospital (facilitated by I Am Special Ministries) and the Daniel and Friends Fund, thereby providing them with the resources to lighten the suffering of these children and help alleviate the emotional and psychological burden of their parents/caregivers.

The book will be divided into different chapters, with each chapter displaying photographs from each individual section within the paediatric hospital’s population. The chapters will include things like new-borns, toddlers, oncology unit, letting go, courage, parents (love of our lives), doctors and nurses (unsung heroes) and hope, to name but a few.

We hereby wish to invite you to offer your support towards improving the lives of these children by uplifting the environment in which they live while undergoing treatment, by buying the book and help raise awareness.

Daniel and Friends Fund and I am Special has further committed themselves to running a Touching the Heart project together once a year. It will be aimed to make a difference in children’s lives… touching the heart and souls of children and adults.

Luanie Oosthuizen                                                                   Lianie le Roux
On behalf of I Am Ministries                                                 On behalf of Daniel and Friends Fund

“The secret is here in the present. If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. And if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better.”   Paulo Coelho