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Melissa Roos was thrilled when she found out that she was pregnant and became more and more excited and eager to find out the gender of her baby. The day of the scan which would tell all finally arrived…but the news it brought was filled with despair. The scan not only revealed that Melissa was carrying a baby girl, it also showed that the little girl’s brain was filled with more fluid than what it should have been. Melissa was sent for a foetal MRI scan after which it was confirmed that her baby had Hydrocephalus, together with additional complications. Melissa was advised to consider an abortion as her child’s prognosis was poor.

Melissa sought further opinions but each ended with the same recommendation…to terminate the pregnancy. Despite being told that her daughter would have no quality of life, abortion was never an option for Melissa. She continued her search for alternate opinions and, thereafter, the best treatment options for her little girl. She eventually found a doctor who felt that, despite the Hydrocephalus, they would be able to help by inserting a shunt after the little girl was born to relieve the pressure on the brain being caused by the Hydrocephalus. Nadya was born at 37 weeks into Melissa’s pregnancy and because her head was so heavy, Melissa could not pick her up for the first few days for fear of hurting her. When Nadya was just two weeks old she underwent surgery to insert a shunt and four days later Melissa was able to take her home. Sadly Nadya was rushed back to hospital the very next morning because the shunt was leaking. The blocked shunt resulted in infection and had to be removed until the infection had cleared up.

Nadya has since gotten her second shunt and is doing well, but has to undergo regular doctor’s visits and examinations.

“She is the most beautiful little girl who has stolen our hearts…we are thankful for her each and every day!” – Melissa Roos