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Dominique was born on the 3rd of August 2011. When her mom, Janine, went into labour she was told that the monitor could not pick up the baby’s heartbeat and for a moment Janine’s own heart stopped. The medical team persevered with listening for a heartbeat and, eventually, thirty minutes later found it. When Dominique made her way into the world, she was wrapped in a blanket and taken away without a word. Janine urged her husband to follow and find out why they were taking their baby away. Five minutes later he returned and said that Dominique had been placed in an incubator and he then showed Janine a photograph he had taken. Not knowing any differently, Janine felt relieved that her baby was okay. Alas, Dominique’s left arm had been broken during the delivery and, in addition, she also had an abnormal abdomen. After a sleepless night, Janine was only allowed to see Dominique the next morning… as soon as they let her know she could see her baby, Janine was up and gone. It was only then that doctors informed Janine about the Down Syndrome and proceeded to ask her all sorts of questions.

“Despite having had a rough start, I have a beautiful, healthy girl who has, as far as I am concerned, minor medical issues.” says Janine.

Dominique is now a loving and adorable little girl who wakes up every morning with a smile on her face. She has enriched our lives with her love for music, dancing, singing, soccer, and life in general. She is a very active child and keen to help at every opportunity. Dominique currently attends preschool and hopes to start “big school” soon!