We all have a reason as to why and how we “RUN” in this life, but for some of us it’s impossible… even the smallest task is a challenge! Hesmari Fouri’s reason for running is to use her talent for running to make the impossible POSSIBLE for the differently-abled child/person…to bring a smile, joy, sense of adventure and a new purpose to life!

We so easily take for granted the small and seemingly simple things we are able to accomplish each day. Being a part of such an awe-inspiring initiative brings rewards which are so much bigger than anything you could ever imagine. Hesmari runs with any child who she believes will enjoy the experience… the vibrations and wind in their faces makes them laugh with joy and sometimes even rocks them to sleep.

“Moms are welcome to join us for some well-deserved “me time” or simply for a good chat and laugh. We occasionally take part in races, but often just run wherever the road takes us.”

To find out more about Hesmari Fourie’s unique initiative, visit her Facebook page Push-Forward-Reasons-we-RUN or click here to email Hesmari. reasonsrun@gmail.com

Enjoy the DFF Push-Forward Reasons-we-RUN YouTube video here.