In 2002 Candice completed a National Certificate of Photography and Graphic Design and opted for a career in Graphic Design. Starting off as a Junior Designer, Candice steadily worked her way up the career ladder and found her niche in photo-lithography and retouching, which she did for popular magazines. After many years of working in a corporate environment, Candice saw an opportunity to fulfil her passion for people and, especially, children when blessed with the pregnancy of her first child. With a leap of both faith and courage, Candice embarked on her home-based photographic career and enrolled in courses to brush up previously acquired skills, as well as to familiarise herself with the current photographic trends.

Candice’s path led her to Daniel and Friends Fund where she developed and nurtured a breath-taking gift for capturing differently-abled children and was filled with passion for these children who, unknowingly, share with her their unbridled joy, despite unimaginable challenges. Candice’s initial demure personality transforms the moment she masks herself with her lens and the product thereof has drawn unwavering respect and admiration for the talent she has chosen to share with Daniel and Friends Fund. We are thus extremely proud to have Candice on board as an official DFF Photographer and very excited to see the final outcome of our Touching The Heart Book – a collection of photographs which gives a unique insight into the daunting experiences of differently-abled and/or medically-fragile children.