Rose-Hannah Brown

Dr Rose-Hannah Brown holds a BA and Hons (Couns. Psych) and a MA (Couns. Psych.) degree cum laude at University of Stellenbosch. She has been practising psychology for more than 20 years as an eclectic therapist who enjoys new and different challenges in the field of Psychology. Her experience provides her with a holistic point of view with regard to the interaction and relationships of all parties.

She was involved in establishing R&B LEARNING, which is a registered educational company specialising in the development, formulation, packaging and implementation of learning programs aimed at assisting various learner groups in diversified environments to improve their learning abilities in the quest for excellence. She co-developed the ‘Right Brain Study Techniques and Learning by Association Course aimed at school-going and tertiary learners who find learning in the current curriculum format challenging.

Rose-Hannah is involved in numerous community-based projects in and around the Western Cape. Her understanding of special-needs families has grown out of experience and involvement, not just theory. She invests – and has a strong belief – in human potential. Her passion has always been to support individuals, challenged or not, in a multi-disciplinary fashion with a focus on growth.

She currently acts as chair of the board at Daniel and Friends Fund. Rose-Hannah has 2 children.