Kate Laurie

Kate Laurie started her career at WITS Language school as general administrator, attending finances, marketing and client liaison. She subsequently took up a position at Media 24 Newspapers working in the Advertising Department of the Daily Sun newspaper as a Graphic Designer managing Pre-press as well as the Daily Sun Capex, page plans, the design and layout of advertisements and special projects and promotions. She was soon recruited by Media 24 Family Magazines ( DRUM ) as a senior layout artist and was head of the layout team. During her time at Media 24 she also took up a position in the Advertising Department of Family Magazines, gaining experience in this field whilst specifically working with WEG/ GO and Huigenoot/ You.

In 2007 she left the employment of Media 24 to dedicate her attention to her first born daughter who had been diagnosed with Celebral Palsy, whilst still taking on free lance projects.

She holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Communication with Graphic Design ( B. BK with Graphic design ) at the University of North West. She completed a course at Vega – The Brand Communications Schools, and she received a certificate in Creativity and Innovation specializing in Art Direction.

Her eldest daughter, Marielé passed away in August 2013. She still has a little girl Liza, that suffers from Aicardi -Goutieres Syndrome, the same as little Marielé.

In her capacity as a Director, Kate manages the Graphic Design Portfolio for the Fund.