Membership is open to all affected children between the ages of 0-13 years who are diagnosed with any one (or more) of the following conditions, which condition/s require/s them to receive medical intervention of any kind :

Mental/Cognitive Disability:

  • Including, but not limited to : Dyslexia; ADHD/ADD; Autism; Epilepsy; Global Developmental Delay; Dyspraxia; Tourette Syndrome.

Physical Disability:

  • Including, but not limited to : physical defects; limb loss/impairment; damage to organs; damaged/impaired skeletal structures; visual impairment; partial/total hearing loss; cerebral palsy; respiratory tract complications and/or any other condition which limits the facets of daily living.

Rare Syndromes, Congenital Disorders and/or Disease:

  • Any rare condition which historically affects only a small percentage of the population.

Medical Intervention refers to:

  • Any therapy, medication, procedures and/or applications which are undertaken with the intent of treating/curing a condition.

Once a child has been approved as a member of the Fund, they remain a part of Daniel and Friends regardless of their age. All membership applications are approved at the discretion of the Directors and, when necessary, the right to request a report from a treating paediatrician/therapist, is reserved.

Daniel’s Kids Club:

Our Daniel’s Kids Club Membership is open to affected children until the age of 18 years and siblings of affected children to the age of 16 years.