Who are Daniel and Friends Fund, and what defines us?
We, being the Directors of this Fund and mothers to children with special needs ourselves, have a magnificent dream – to create the platform for a stronger, more intimate special needs community.

We have four main areas of focus, which are:

1. Parent support
– A 24hr Online Support Group
– Emotional/Psychological Support (with the assistance of a Psychologist / Social Worker)
– Education (Facilitating training sessions in respect of CPR courses, therapy intervention; power point
presentations, etc.)
– Family Inclusive Activities (group outings, social events, etc)

2. Children
– hospital visits
– group interactions ( e.g. play dates )
– financial assistance ( supporting payment of therapies, day to day needs )
– sponsoring of equipment (e.g. wheelchairs, walking frames)

3. “Giving back” by means of contributions to :
– community-based organizations (homes, hospitals, etc)
– special needs projects

4. Fundraising
– organizing of events to raise funds for, but not limited to, the above mentioned items