NPO Number: 140 -279

Daniël le Roux, a little boy suffering from Leigh Syndrome, passed away on 23 August 2013. In remembrance of him Daniël and Friends Fund came into being. An initiative begun by his doctor who took care of him with such love and compassion.

In the book Daniël the Bible talks about Daniël and his three friends that helped and supported him. We are three mothers involved in the organisation. As parents of disable children we realised how big the need is. There is very little support and one often feels alone and isolated.

The Daniel and Friends Fund directors include Kate Laurie, Lianie le Roux (Social and finances) and Nicky de Beer (Marketing). Our additional members include Pieter Fourie, Nico Walters, Anne-Mart Muller, Rose-Hannah Brown (Chairperson) and Garish Mohlaba.

Professor Peter Fourie is a paediatrician that expertly takes care of our children. Kate also had two disabled children, Marielé and Liza, both suffering from Aicardi-Goutieres syndrome. Marielé died exactly one week before Daniël, also due to complications of her syndrome. Nicky has an disabled child also Sam he has Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome , autism and cerebral palsy.

To be the advocate for children with special needs



  • To provide information, support and assistance to parents with special needs children.
  • Supporting parents/caregivers by educating them on various aspects of the disability and providing them with the necessary understanding and knowledge.
  • To raise awareness for children and change the perception about disability in the form of mass media campaigns and community and educational programs, thereby enriching their lives.
  • Together we aim to reach new heights through which many children with disabilities similar to ours will be helped. It is our dream, our calling and our passion. Life doesn’t always work out like one has planned, but through the inspiration of our children’s lives, it could be better than we ever imagined or dreamed of.


  • Help with training and assistance in caring for your disabled child.
  • Providing parents with the necessary knowledge to enable them to take care of their children comfortably and without fear.
  • Taking care of the emotional well-being of parents and/or caregivers.
  • Building a support network for families that they can turn to.
  • Funding for much needed medical appliances and necessities.