Only members who have been registered with the Fund for more than three (3) months may make an application for financial assistance. Each application will be evaluated according to its individual circumstances and will not be influenced by income.

Sponsored equipment or medical intervention:

Parents/guardians are to submit to the Fund an application, which must be accompanied by a written motivation compiled by the relevant medical practitioner and which motivation must clearly indicate how the requested assistance will benefit the child. In addition to the above, the application must include at least two quotations in respect of the equipment/treatment/therapy, while Daniel and Friends Fund reserves the right to obtain its own quotation/s should this be deemed necessary.

Once the application has been approved and the necessary contracts/documentation completed, the cost thereof will be transferred directly to the relevant service provider. In respect of equipment, each item will become part of the Fund’s asset register and will be engraved with an allocated nappi code.

At/Prior to the handover, the parents/guardian are to sign a contract (together with at least two Directors and one Board Member) which states that the equipment remains the property of Daniel and Friends Fund and once it is no longer required, remains the property of the Fund and may not be sold by the beneficiary. Should the equipment be more for recreational benefit, the application will be reviewed on compassionate grounds and reviewed annually.

The same beneficiary may only submit an application for equipment once every three (3) years or therapy/treatment to the maximum of R1 000.00 per annum.

Donations in respect of day-to-day needs:

Applications for assistance in respect of day-to-day needs (for eg. nappies, formula, medicine, etc) may only be submitted by the same family not more than twice in a one (1) year period, with each request not exceeding more than R1 000.00. Should the application be successful, the items will be purchased by the Directors of the Fund (as per the parents/guardians’ specification) and then handed over to the family. In extreme cases (for instance, a family has exhausted its requests for assistance but still finds itself without food and water, etc) the matter may be submitted to the Board for review.

Important to note:

  • At no point will any funds be presented directly to the applicant.
  • Where individual fundraising is concerned, while Daniel and Friends will endeavour to help raise awareness for the event, any use of our name, logo or banking details is strictly prohibited.