At the beginning of the second school term in 2016, the Daniël and Friends Fund,  launched its “Different is Cool” school awareness campaign.  We have become increasingly aware of society’s misperception about people with disabilities, more so evident in children whose uncertainty and, sadly, sometimes negative view of those with special needs is based purely on a lack of knowledge and understanding.  With empathy and compassion being emotions best instilled at a young age, we created a campaign which could be shared with children of school-going age in a fun, but informative way.

The entire program, which lasts no more than fifteen minutes and can be easily slotted into an assembly, consists of a short one-act play which touches on several aspects regarding disabilities including the use of the word “retard” in a derogatory way and being able to appreciate difference in others, a short Powerpoint presentation about what the Daniël and Friends Fund is and what we strive to achieve and then ends off with an interactive game which encourages the children to view each individual’s “packaging” in a different light.

Further enquiries can be made to our Marketing Director Nicky de Beer via email at nicky@danielandfriends.com.